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We Work with Talent Acquisition Executives and High Flyer Candidates

With over 50+ years of experience in domestic and international hospitality recruitment services, including 7-star venues, cruise lines, and the luxury yachting sector, we know what companies are looking for in their candidates.


While our headhunting and executive search is targeted toward recruitment for the hospitality sector, we also offer services to candidates in Romania looking to revamp their profile and get shortlisted for the job of their dreams.

The recruiters from our  hospitality recruitment agency have a comprehensive understanding of the industry and can help you identify highly-skilled candidates for your company. We understand how complicated it can get when you have to interview different candidates and find the one that is best suited for your business.


This is why we prioritize our client’s needs at our hospitality recruitment agency. Once you book a consultation with us, we will take the time to develop a complete understanding of your specific requirements and help you find the most qualified applicants for your company.


Ready to work with our hospitality executive search company? Get in touch with us today, and we will be more than happy to provide you with any required information.

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As experts in the field of headhunting, recruitment, staffing, and selection, we know the importance of quick and accurate results. Not only do we do this; we also share a few expert insights to help you along the way.

Front of the House and Back of the House Recruitment Services

Serving the Hospitality Sector from Both Ends of the Hiring Spectrum

We offer Front of the House and Back of the House recruitment services to the following sectors within the hospitality industry:


Casinos, Clubs

private service

Private Service


Yachting Sector


Private household

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We are experts in building high-performing teams through effective recruitment strategies.

You can avail one-on-one sessions to hear directly from our team of recruitment executives.

We’re available around the clock to listen to your concerns and offer prompt solutions.
We help prepare candidates with our knowledge of job searching networks, interviews, and onboarding programs.

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